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Hour of Code Highlights

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Sedimentary sandwiches


Yesterday we made sedimentary sandwiches.

When we finished them they looked revolting then we got to squash them.


by James and Isla



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Calling adults at home!!



We are learning to blog and we want to create a blog that is useful for everyone.

We want to celebrate our learning and communicate worldwide.

Hopefully this blog will give you a chance to see some of our learning and share more about school life with your child.

Please feel free to explore and comment.

From Wren Class

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How to be great in year 3

First, walk into school happily with your book bag,planner and lunch box.

Next, arrive in the class room and sit down nicely on your chair and get on with your work.,

Finally,  listen to your teacher and do not shout out.



By Bonnie and Leo

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How to be great in year three

Firstly, you put your coat and your book bag on your peg.

Secondly, come in the classroom with manners.

Thirdly, when you have your first lesson, never underestimate our teachers and assistants.

Made by James and Harun.



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How to be great in year 3

What you need:


Good behavior

Nice teacher


Green card

Great effort

Be happy and smile


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How to be great in year 3


First, walk slowly into school remembering your smile and manners.

Next you need to remember to take some respect for yourself and others into the classroom.

After that, sprinkle some effort into all of your work so that you can get lots of house points.


By Zara and Hana.       

Tags: classroom, effort, house points, respect, year three

How to be good in year three

First skip carefully into school with your planner, book bag, your pencil case and a smile.

Secondly, come into your classroom, not forgetting your manners, bring a good example of respect for your teacher and your friends.

After that make a lot of effort with your writing and whatever you’re doing.

Then make sure you do not get a orange or red card.

Finally have a great, great day at Abbots Farm Junior School.

By Rhiannon Mcgregor and Grace Robinson.

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