Welcome to Year 3!


Hello and welcome to Wren class blog.
This is a space we can all use to share our ideas, our learning and our enthusiasm. You will soon have login details to upload your own work but you can also comment on anything that appears here. We are going to have a fantastic year together and the fun has already started. check out our pictures to see what we’ve been up to so far.

IMG_1576[1] IMG_1587[1]

Our week of Inspirational Maths.

IMG_1597[1] IMG_1596[1]

Rugby School’s World Cup Tour.

We’ve really enjoyed the first weeks of Year 3 and look forward to many more!

Tags: fantastic behaviour, inspired, learning outside the classroom, maths, Rugby School, school trip, settling in, year three

One Comment  to  Welcome to Year 3!

  1. Mrs Saturley says:

    A very informative rugby packed week. I had lots of fun!

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